Landscape Photographer

Intermediate One to One Workshop

One to One workshops are a great way to accelerate your photographic knowledge in a short amount of time.  If you don't like the idea of attending a workshop group or think you would learn best by having 100% of my time then a 1-2-1 is probably for you.

You can watch a hundred on-line videos or read a number of books as I did, but face to face learning simply cannot be rivalled, particularly on a 1-2-1 basis.

All of my workshops are personally tailored around the individual and their needs. This is done through research prior to the workshop. This is so I can maximise what I teach throughout the day, thereby the participant goes away with a number of successful images and new found skills. 

All shots are made using a single image file, getting it right 'in camera' leaving you with little or no editing afterwards.  My main aim is to make sure that you leave the workshop inspired to go out on your own, armed with the necessary skills in order to make great looking shots using the techniques learned on the course. 



For those that are more confident with the above, I will help you with the more advanced aspects of landscape photography. The day will be more tailored around your present abilities and where you want to be.  


Half Day Workshop - One Location, 4-5 hours, £120

This will take place at a location of your choice on the Yorkshire Coast from Staithes to Ravenscar. Starting time during the Summer would be at 5pm & generally finish at around 10pm to capture sunset and afterglow. During the Autumn & Winter months, the start time is brought forward to mid-day to finish at sunset at approximately 5pm. Whitby is a great town with many locations to photograph and I would suggest that this is the best place locally for a beginner to cut their teeth on. However, if you would prefer elsewhere I am more than willing to meet you anywhere from Staithes to Ravenscar at no extra charge. Any further than that & I charge £20 per hour each way which covers all necessary bills.


Full Day Workshop - Multiple Locations, post processing session, 8-10 hours, £200

On a full day's course, we will meet in Whitby and either start shooting there and move on or go directly to another location, eventually making our way back to the start point. I will provide the transport which is built into the price of the workshop. After a few hours of shooting we will take a break from the outdoors & sit down for a post processing session where we will edit some of your shots taken that day on my 17" MacBook Pro which is the best way to edit outside sitting in front of an iMac. I will then take you through my editing workflow on a single image file using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. This will take place in a friendly pub which happens to serve some very tasty meals! After this we will go back out and continue shooting.


I particularly recommend my full day workshops. This is not just to line my pockets but to maximise the amount of learning as possible, plus I like my workshop participants to go home with as many successful images as possible. A whole day's photography fully prepares participants to gone on from their workshop to utilise their new found skills and to put them to use when out in the landscape themselves.

It is very satisfying for me to know that participants find my workshops inspiring & then use this new found inspiration and enhanced skills to confidently go on and make their own creations.