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Here are some 'word for word' comments sent to me by clients after their workshops...


"Just a quick note to thank you for the extremely enjoyable and informative 1-2-1 photography workshop I was fortunate to receive as a gift from my wife. The uncooperative, unseasonal weather did nothing to spoil my day but actually, in my opinion, enhanced it. The images I walked away with and more importantly, the techniques you taught me are priceless and I look forward to employing these techniques in the very near future. Thank you again for the wonderful day and of course the good company."

Mac McCutcheon, Cleethorpes


"I met Damien at a car park above Whitby on a wet, misty & blustery day expecting him to suggest that we rearrange our day - I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was clear to me from Damien’s emails prior to our 1-2-1 workshop that he prepares & tailors the day to what you want out of it & does his utmost to meet those expectations. Despite the really challenging conditions I came away having learnt so much about being able to produce quality photographs & being able to adapt to conditions to get the most out of the locations.

His flexibility, energy and enthusiasm really was commendable & did not wain through the hours we spent between mid-day and 10.30pm. His desire to ensure you get the most out of the day is faultless.

If you are considering a 1-2-1 workshop, I couldn’t recommend Damien enough."

Alex Beasley, West Yorkshire


"I had high expectations for the 1-2-1 workshop with Damien due to his above-and-beyond preparations well in advance of our workshop through very helpful emails. Still, the day far exceeded what I was hoping to get out of it. The day is 100% tailored to your own interests and purposes, whatever they may be. In my case Damien told me I would get a mix of basic, intermediate and creative and that is exactly what he delivered. I firmly believe that there are things I learned during our ten hours - which flew by! - that I may never have discovered or understood on my own. Throughout the day Damien was full of tips and advice as we were working or making our way to another location, probably dozens of crucial bits of information that I am now implementing into my photography that have made an immense difference in how I work, including using my equipment properly and safely, adding pieces to my kit (he even provided me with links so I wouldn't be overwhelmed with options, paying too much, or buy the wrong type for my specific camera model) and ultimately improving the quality of my photographs to the point of where I can't believe they came from my camera and lens, as I have quite a basic kit. I can highly recommend Damien; if I could have designed my own workshop it still couldn't compare to what he provided before, during and after. And at an extremely reasonable cost, a bargain really. Damien seems just as invested in your photography as you are and that's exactly what you want in 1-2-1 training. And it was fun too!"

Denise Grayson, Newcastle


“I learned a huge amount on my one-to-one workshop with Damien, not just about composition and camera technique, but he taught me a completely new way of capturing great shots on the spot. We visited several photogenic and unusual locations in and around Whitby, and at every one I took shots that I am immensely proud of, thanks to Damien’s endless patience and invaluable advice. He also taught me a lot about how to consider the view in front of me and find the best frame and angle. He is a great person to spend time with, full of fascinating stories and immensely passionate about photography. I had a brilliant day and learned lessons that have transformed my camera technique and my eye for a great shot.”

Adrian Rowe, Halifax


"I recently met Damien for a 1:2:1 workshop in Whitby. He was very accommodating changing the day at short notice because of bad weather. I have been taking photos for several years but wanted some tuition on composition and to check I had understood the basics. Damien talked me through elements of composition and how to make a good photo better. I also learnt how to use live view effectively for landscape work. I look forward to putting what I have learnt in to practice."

Adrian Winrow, Leeds


"I was very happy with your prior research, taking on board my circumstances and also your patience above all.  We did have a laugh and that carried me through along with some lovely results using your camera despite the earlier problems.  I really enjoyed your workshop despite the problems with my camera in the morning, and definitely feel I gained something from your experience in multi exposure. Thank you too for persevering and being so patient with the Pentax with its complicated workings. You really did try your best and it was very much appreciated, however, you were right! Your Canon was so much easier to use, it was heads and tails above the Pentax for ease of use doing ME so that is where I will be looking now I think.  Thank you very much for sending the edited pictures onto me.. I really love your editing, especially how you have lightened the trees..  Works beautifully : )) I feel very happy that I did get something in the end thanks to your patience and Canon camera!"

Debbie Purdy, Darlington 


"After a full day, 1-2-1 lesson (12pm till 11pm) with Damien I feel a lot more confident on how to use my camera.  Damien definitely goes the extra mile with his lessons, he read my camera manual off the Internet before we met up!  We went round Whitby and showed and he helped me see the area in a different way than before.

Damien is very enthusiastic about photography and was reflected within his lessons. Was worth every penny!"

Callum Brownlie, Scarborough


"I’ve just had a full-day 1-2-1 intermediate workshop with Damien which proved to be a great 70th birthday present for me from my family.  As a largely self-(YouTube) taught amateur photographer I was keen to have an experienced photographer both check that I was not making any obvious errors and give me some inspiration and techniques for new approaches.  Damien is a very enthusiastic and effective teacher and so the workshop more than fulfilled its aims.  He took me to a variety of interesting places for photos in the Whitby coast area (unusually atmospheric given the heavy sea fret that day!).  I learned a lot about composition, using a 10-stop nd filter and also about using the histogram in Live View whilst taking a picture in order to separate the spots where I was focusing from the most appropriate spot in the picture from which to meter for exposure.  A special bonus for me was specific advice about my post-processing since, like Damien, I also use a MacBook Pro for my editing.  During our dinner break in a local pub I edited my photos using Lightroom on my laptop whilst he edited the same photos in Photoshop on his so that we could compare the results.  We met at 12 noon and I finally left at 10.45 pm - great value for a very full day’s help and encouragement."

Graham Vulliamy, York


"Just had fantastic 1-2-1 workshop with Damien on multiple exposure and intentional camera movement images. I attended the workshop in my normal state of unpreparedness and I hadn't even read my own camera manual on multiple exposures. Damien however despite being a Canon man had downloaded the Nikon manuals and had read through the ME section. It became apparent from early on that Damien had put a lot of preparation, time and thought into preparing a tailor made workshop to my needs. Despite the gale force winds and rain that day Damien's enthusiasm for his 'alternative' photography techniques made for a thoroughly enjoyable day.  We visited four separate locations hand picked by Damien to maximise the potential of the techniques. He had offered a fifth location but I had a four hour journey home.  We had a very appetising lunch break at a pub in Sleights where Damien ran through his workflow on images in Photoshop, again highly informative.
In summary I couldn't recommend a workshop with Damien more highly, within days I was out taking images I wouldn't have had a clue to have captured the week before and I'm loving the new lease of creativity that Damien has given my photography.  Don't hang around, book now and be prepared to be inspired."
Jeremy Barrett, Northamptonshire


"Many thanks for the one-to-one artistic photography workshop in October.  I really appreciated the long day you offered which was productive and enjoyable throughout.  It was evident you had given our day plenty of thought and as a result we had time to visit a variety of scenery – seascape, woodland and moor – as well as a good session looking at your Photoshop workflow.  Very grateful for the friendly, patient and flexible way you provided guidance.  I came away with plenty of shots I’m pleased with and new insights for ICM and multiple exposure photography, as well as post-processing.  Thoroughly inspiring day."  

Ian Pegg, Newark


"Just a few words to say thank you Damien for a very enjoyable half day in Whitby. The mix of seascape and landscape photography was very educational. Damien has an easy way of explaining the skills required to take good shots."

David Lowe, Redcar


"I would like to thank Damien for his time and sharing of knowledge during our recent one to one half-day workshop in Whitby. I am a novice DSLR user of under two years yet having invested in lenses and filters and wholly self taught, I felt in need of some reassuring advice & technical direction. 

This was my first experience of formal tuition, indeed a little daunting, so I appreciated that Damien was warmly welcoming on a cold pre-dawn morning.  Prior to our meet up Damien had asked to see examples from my portfolio and he helpfully saw the specific areas for improvement I could adopt. 

Although nature was not kind to us with its flat grey morning skies, Damien’s enthusiastic approach was maintained and he clearly explained how I could establish an improved pre-shot set-up process that I could replicate. Besides this, Damien was very approachable, conveyed confidence and offered a couple of “eureka” insights that I had missed despite the plethora of information I had seen and read. We also explored the use of the 10-stop filter and I particularly enjoyed an artistic insight into its use.

Overall, Whitby is a wonderful location for such tuition and Damien’s knowledge of the area means you are going to come away with great shots, but more importantly, I have more confidence in my approach to capturing sharper, better composed images and for that Damien has my gratitude."

Warren Swales, Sheffield


"Just writing a quick thank you to Damien Taylor. I have been a keen amateur photographer for a couple of years, but my pictures were lacking that bit of something!! A few days ago I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to have a workshop with Damien.  He gave me a few tips and hints on how to set my camera up e.g. Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, F Numbers etc (Manual Settings).  Then just following a few simple routines and some composition tips, I had my pictures coming out looking a lot clearer, sharper, composition correct first time.  He is a very insight full photographer, who was only to happy to share his knowledge, experience and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend Damien to any amateur photographer, that wants to take their photography to the next level." 

Mandy Davidson, Whitby


"I was a total novice and had never held a DSLR let alone used one when I had a 1-2-1 session with Damien. He took me through the basics of camera use in the photographers paradise that is Whitby and I got shots far beyond what I'd ever taken before, one of which both I and a friend have subsequently had printed up for display on our house walls!  As well as basic camera functions, Damien also explained filter use and how to set your tripod up for maximum stability.  I am now really into my photography and have sold some photos I have taken and have 97 followers on Flickr!  Damien is a great teacher and Whitby is a fantastic area to photograph...what are you waiting for, get signed up for a session with him now !!"

Mr N. Hill, Middlesbrough