Landscape Photographer

Jet Black


I love it when it rains in Whitby as it makes the old cobbled streets turn to oily black when images are converted to B&W.

The images make me think of how it must have been in the Victorian era when Whitby not only had a thriving fishing industry, the production of Whitby Jet was burgeoning.  Whitby Jet was famously worn by Queen Victoria following the death of Albert and this set off a great fashion which kept many thousands in work in countless workshops throughout the town.  A 'few years' before that, where the North Sea is now, there used to be a huge Monkey Puzzle tree forest and over millennia the sea crept in and after nature had taken it's course, Jet in it's raw state was found in and around the Whitby area. This raw product even now can be found here, if you know where to look and it is then shaped and polished into wonderful jewellery and is sold in many local jewellers.

Here is a link to the gallery with a few more images taken in Whitby, After Dark...




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