Landscape Photographer

Jet Black


I love it when it rains in Whitby as it makes the old cobbled streets turn to oily black when images are converted to B&W.

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Whitby After Dark


I'd been wanting to go out in Whitby to photograph the old town for a while, but the only problem was I needed it to rain beforehand. Not a problem you might think in the North of England but we haven't had a decent downpour here in Whitby for a while, well not when I've been free anyhow. So, when it started raining and it was convenient, I popped out into town...

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The Madness of Versailles


This blog is literally moving on from my previous location at Monet's house and gardens in Giverny and heading for the opulence of the Palace of Versailles.

We hired a car after I decided to treat ourselves we drove around in a little bit of style, in a sporty Jaguar XF. Unfortunately, this seems to have backfired on me a little as Mrs T now wants one the next time we change cars...doh! I won't make that mistake again 😂

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I've been a fan of Impressionist painter, Claude Monet since I can remember. His works of art probably started seeping into my conciousness in the 1980's when I used to browse through the racks of posters in Athena...and yes, I did look at posters other than the one of the female tennis player showing her bum off!  

I've got a number of books on Monet & the Impressionists plus I've been to many exhibitions where the great man's work was on display. So, when we chose to holiday in Paris (and Disneyland Paris 😧) it was a no brainer to travel to Giverny where Monet lived for many years.

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Walking around woodlands in my mind is supposed to be a quiet & relaxing affair but trying to do that on a weekend can be, challenging!

Not far from me is a fantastic wood called Falling Foss which has a differing array of trees, the most amazing waterfall and an added bonus of a lovely teagarden http://www.fallingfossteagarden.co.uk which is worth a visit.

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